Self-Implementer JumpStart

Do you feel in-control of your business? 

Thousands of businesses across the world, including my own, have solved people problems, learned to hire better, developed a clear vision (and a plan to achieve it), added more profit, and learned how to execute on their goals.  If you're in the EOS® sweet spot (10 - 250 employees), hiring a Professional EOS Implementer is the fastest way to get EOS® up and running in your business.  But...what if you're too small or not ready to work with a Professional EOS Implementer yet?  This Self-implementer JumpStart can help.


What is the Self-Implementer JumpStart?

  • A program for businesses ready to create and achieve their vision, but who are too small or not yet ready to hire a Professional EOS Implementer.
  • Consisting of three monthly webinar tracks with "how to" information, tips, tools, and Q & A.
  • A Focus Track, Vision Track, and Mastery Track (join one or all three each month) plus "Q & A" Bonus Hour.
  • Hosted by Ryan Giles, the only Professional EOS Implementer on the east coast focusing on MSPs (why hire a pro?).  Ryan started and ran a successful MSP for 15 years before becoming a Professional EOS Implementer.
  • Includes a Leadership Team Manual, templates, sample documents, and bonus content.
  • Learn how to self-implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System in your business!

What Are MSPs Saying?

“Not only has Ryan provided guidance and expertise on EOS®, which is super critical for us right now, but he has been in the trenches of the IT service industry – that experience makes his feedback and input even more valuable!”
— Chip Severance, Partner, Rocketwise
“We went from reverse to fast forward in short order. Ryan helped turn some of our weaknesses into strengths. I rate it a 10!”
— Jerry O'Dwyer, Owner, Wave Technologies
“Ryan brings a whole [new] level to the EOS® process.”
— Scott Christopherson, Founder, TekManagement
“EOS® is my solution!”
— Charles Berry, Owner, Total Care IT


1.  When will the JumpStart begin? The Self-Implementer JumpStart will begin on July 9, 2018 with webinars on the first Monday of each month.  The Focus Track will begin at 1:00 PM, Vision Track at 2:00 PM, Mastery Track at 3:00 PM, and an hour of "Q and A" at 4:00 PM (all times Central).  You may join at any time (you can watch a replay/recording or catch the next cycle if you've missed anything).

2.  How many webinars are in each track?  The Focus Track will consist of three webinars, the Vision Track will consist of three webinars, and the Mastery Track will consist of 12 webinars.  The Focus and Vision Tracks will restart every three months.

3. What happens if I miss a webinar?  If you miss a webinar, you can simply attend on the next cycle (Focus Track and Vision Track will restart every three months) or catch a replay/recording.

4.  How many (and who) can attend?  When you join, your company's entire leadership team can (and should) attend.  If you're not sure who is part of your leadership team, we'll cover that topic during our first Focus webinar.

5.  For how long do I have to sign up?  There is no financial commitment (you can cancel anytime).  However, I ask you to make a mental commitment to EOS®.  EOS® works, but you need to implement the entire system to see the best results.

6. What if I'm ready to go faster/farther?  Sign up for a free 90-Minute Meeting to learn more about the full implementation process.  

7. What if I'm larger than 10 employees?  Sign up for a free 90-Minute Meeting to learn more about the full implementation process.  

8. What will I get from the JumpStart?  You'll get all of the training needed to get EOS® up and running in your business.  These are the tools to help you solve your people issues, develop a clear vision with plan to achieve it, create a scorecard to measure progress, create core processes to systemize your business, learn how to solve problems (IDS), execute on your goals, and ultimately be "in control" of your business.

Meet Ryan

Ryan has founded or co-founding seven businesses over the past two decades.  One of these was a technology service firm (MSP) which he co-founded and ran for 15 years.  After 10 years in his MSP, he was frustrated.  The business wasn’t failing, but people, vision, and process problems plagued the organization and led Ryan on a search for answers.  His search led him to Traction® and EOS®.  With the help of a professional EOS® implementer, Ryan and his team implemented EOS® and saw immediate results (30% year-over-year growth, an additional 14 points to the bottom line, and triple the valuation).

After several years, Ryan began to master EOS®, and he began helping fellow business owners with their own EOS® implementations.  Realizing that he had found his passion, Ryan sold his MSP and now helps Owners and Leadership Teams implement these systems to improve their businesses and lives.

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