What Are Others Saying?

“Not only has Ryan provided guidance and expertise on EOS, which is super critical for us right now, but he has been in the trenches of the IT service industry – that experience makes his feedback and input even more valuable!”
— Chip Severance, Partner, Rocketwise
“We went from reverse to fast forward in short order. Ryan helped turn some of our weaknesses into strengths. I rate it a 10!”
— Jerry O'Dwyer, Owner, Wave Technologies
“Our company grew so fast we simply didn’t have the capacity to work on our foundation. We’d patch issues and power through until we realized it was time to approach things differently in order to get to the next level. The EOS sessions with Ryan quickly provided perspective and guidance through real discussions along with an arsenal of useful tools that delivered timely results. In fact, we had the beginnings of an action plan on day one. We had so many “ah-ha” moments and developed an overall understanding of how to “do it better”. We’ve established realistic company goals, streamlined our identity, eliminated lingering issues, and our team’s communication is the most effective it’s ever been. The time our management team invested was so beneficial—not to mention Ryan is just a savvy guy, full of knowledge, and easy to follow; he almost feels like an extension of our team.”
— Cece Shabazz, The Focus Group
“Ryan brings a whole [new] level to the EOS process.”
— Scott Christopherson, Founder, TekManagement
“EOS is my solution!”
— Charles Berry, Owner, Total Care IT
“Our agency had spent its first 6 years trying to find our way through with the best intentions, but did not know what we did not know. Working with Ryan has been a godsend for our company. We learned the importance of strategic planning, teamwork, and accountability. The last year has been our best as an agency—hitting new marks in revenue, increasing the quality of our services, and building a professional and invested group of employees. I cannot recommend enough Ryan Giles for his leadership, insight, and wisdom. He will undoubtedly help your business grow, but more importantly, he will improve its efficiency and your staff’s quality of life.”
— Ben Hunter, The Focus Group